MDM Observatory

Electronic Report Submission Forms & Archives

Follow the links below to write and submit nightly observer and trouble reports for the MDM Observatory. All observers are required to submit nightly observing reports, and to report any problems using the forms provided below.

If you encounter any problems with the forms, please send email to Rick Pogge at Ohio State ( describing the problem (remember to include the time when you had troubles).

Observing Reports

Submit a Nightly Observing Report
Observing Report Submission Instructions

2.4-m Telescope Reports:
Latest 2.4-m Observing Report
Archive of 2.4-m Observing Reports

1.3-m Telescope Reports:
Latest 1.3-m Observing Report
Archive of 1.3-m Observing Reports

Submit a Trouble Report (1.3m & 2.4m)
Trouble Report Submission Instructions
Latest Trouble Report
Archive of Trouble Reports

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